John EDWARDS was a millwright and engineer.

This information is confirmed on both Enoch's and Matilda's marriage certificates, although he didn't live long enough to see either marry. According to Enoch (and the 1841 census) he was a millwright, while Matilda said engineer. His death certificate confirms that he was both.

The Directory of Birmingham of 1835 lists several John Edwards including John Edwards, builder, Heneage Street. Robson's Directory of 1839 lists John Edwards, builder, Heneage Street, and John Edwards, builder, Lupin Street, Bloomsbury. Heneage Street and Lupin Street used to run parallel to each other - Lupin Street no longer exists - and it is possible that this John is a single person with premises in a court between the two streets.

A family oral memory has it that John only spoke Welsh, however he married a girl from Kinlet, Shropshire so this may not be accurate.

John died of consumption (tuberculosis) on 7 September 1844 at home at 1 Court, New Summer Street in the presence of his wife Sarah. He was buried in the Chapelry of St Paul, in the parish of St Martin, in Birmingham, on 15 September 1844.

According to the 1841 census he was born between 1796 and 1801 in Warwickshire, however his 1844 death certificate gives an age of 49 suggesting a birth date of 1794/5.

A possible christening for John Edwards is on 31 Jan 1794 at St Martin, Birmingham, by John and Sarah Edwards. They also christened a daughter Sarah Ann on 29 Jun 1792, who died of 'decline' and was buried on 13 Nov 1792. There are other possible births and it not possible to confirm which, if any Birmingham birth is correct.

John was a widower when he married Sarah REYNOLDS in 1827. John and Sarah had seven children between about 1827 and 1840. It's unclear who his first wife was, but it unlikely that there were any surviving children.

A John EDWARDS, builder, is mentioned in a building lease prepared by Beale & Co, Solicitors before 1845 for property next to a turnpike road from Birmingham to Coleshill in the village of Saltley. 3 4

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