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  m. Jeremiah BARTHOLOMEW ALIAS SMITH (~1637 - ~1703)
1678 - ~1728
of Tetbury, Gloucestershire
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Tetbury, Gloucestershire
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1 - Email from Ruth Withers []
Author: Ruth Withers

Hello Paul

I'm glad you found the will information useful.

The original will is at Gloucester Record Office - as are the other Smith/

Bartholomew alias Smith wills and documents that I have.

I do have a copy of the original, but do not appear to have ever made a full

transcript. I'll try to get a transcript done, and let you have it - but it

may be a week or two, since we are off on holiday in a few days time.

I have had a look at your website - and added several bits of information to

my database - so thanks for that.

John Bartholomew alias Smith is not on my direct line, but is obviously


I'm not certain how the Alias came about. A couple of generations down the

line it seems to have changed to a double surname - and then reverts to

plain old 'Smith'. What a pity they did not use Bartholomew instead - it

would be easier to trace the later generations of the family. There are a

few delightful examples of the name being carried through the generations

however - like a Richard Bartholomew Smith Jones born 1809 in Kemble. The

name of Garraway is also linked with the family. In my own line, Joan

Garraway married Richard Bartholomew alias Smith in 1699 [Though the parish

register says enigmatically 'Richard Smith married', thankfully, the BTs

were a bit more informative]. This name of Garraway is also used as a 2nd

name in this Smith line.

I believe that your John B-Smith was the son of Jeremiah Smith & his wife

Elizabeth Smith married at Tetbury on 5 Feb 1675/6. Incidentally, I think

you have her birth date wrong - and that she was born in 1676. It is

possible that she was married before she married John English - she would

have been in her 40s by the time Elizabeth was born, so not surprising that

there are no other children.

The other children were : Jeremiah jnr 1678/9, Bartholomew 1680/1, John (who

wrote will) 1682, Ann 1684, Charles 1686/7, Thomas 1690.

Jeremiah jnr was apprenticed to his mother & father 'Jeremiah Smith the

elder, a slaughterer & his wife Elizabeth' as a 'Poor boy of Tetbury' in

1692 - when Jeremiah would have been about 13. His brother Thomas was

apprenticed to a cordwainer in 1703.

Jeremiah, John's father, was probably the son of another Jeremiah - who

married twice - 1st to partner unknown - by whom he had Jeremiah1 1650,

Lydia 1653/4, Jone 1653/4, Jeremiah2 1658 - then a second marriage to Ann

Webb by whom he had Richard 1678. When this Jeremiah died in 1689, it is

clear that his son Richard is under 21, whereas Jeremiah & Lydia are married

with several children each. No mention of Jone - so presumably she has died.

I think that should be enough to keep you busy for a while ;-)

I notice that you are also interested in Bayleys - I'll have a look for them

on your website - and then I may be asking you a few questions!

Best wishes


in Durham