The history of my family
Welcome to my family history site!
blackburn air raid wardens in World War Two

This site presents the results of over 20 years of research into my family's story.   Inspired by my father's research, I've now identified well over 6,000 relatives going back 17 generations.

My roots are almost all in England; the only known exception being my 4x great grandfather - a "travelling Scotchman" - who had joined the British Army in 1784.   But some of my extended family did emigrate, and there are family members in Australia, Canada, the US, South Africa and beyond.

Due to data protection precautions, any information on living people (or those born less than 100 years ago who might be alive) has not been uploaded. These people are all shown in family trees as "A Private Individual". To locate yourself, find a known ancestor and work down their descendancy tree.

I can be contacted with questions, new information or corrections. I look forward to hearing from you.

Happy hunting!

Some of my favorite family members
A selection of people who have been involved in interesting events and/or are people I'm continuing to research. Any additional information of any of these people would be fantastic!
Enoch and his St Bernard Mount Leo
Licensed victualler of Birmingham, Warwickshire
Sophia Edwards
Mormon Handcart Trek Pioneer of Birmingham, Warwickshire
9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot 1792 uniform
Soldier - 9th (East Norfolk) Regiment of Foot of Dalkieth, Midlothian, Scotland
Cotton Weaver's Handloom
Brick maker of Blackburn, Lancashire
An oak 30 hour longcase clock made by Edmund SAGAR dating from the early 19th century.
Clockmaker of Askrigg, Yorkshire
Edward Percy Moran, Battle of Bunker Hill
Serjeant - 6th Regiment of Foot of Kendal, Westmorland
Uniform of the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards in 1815
Serjeant - Grenadier Guards of Burbage, Leicestershire
First Foot Guards advance at Blenheim
Drummer - 1st Foot Guards of Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
John Belchier - George I Japanned Bureau Bookcases, c1720
Cabinet maker and craftsman of furniture, mirrors and glass of Deddington, Banbury, Oxfordshire
1st Battalion, 38th Regiment of Foot, Peninsula War
Private - 1st Battn 38th Regiment of Infantry of Hanley, Staffordshire
What a way to go...
The causes of death for my direct ancestors - as far as is known from contemporary records - by frequency. It's reassuring that many of these conditions are now curable or preventable, although its still possible to be run over by a train, like my great great great grandfather, John PARKES, was in 1882.
The Grim Reaper
Heart failure16%
Gastrointestinal failure    8%
Old age5%
Auto-immune disease1%
Kidney disease1%
Liver failure1%
Lung disease1%
Menopausal disorder1%
Natural decay1%
Scarlet Fever1%
Skin disease1%