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John DAY
of Evesham, Worcestershire
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George DAY
~1712 - bur.1797
of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
George DAY
1750 - 1823
of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
~1716 - bur.1780
of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
John DAY
bap.1789 - 1838
Millwright of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
Elizabeth [DAY]
1753 - 1830
of Temple Grafton, Warwickshire
John DAY
bap.1819 - ~1869
of Evesham, Worcestershire
~1753 - 1831
Market gardener of Evesham, Worcestershire
1790 - 1874
of Worcestershire
~1761 - ~1811
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John DAY
bap.1819 - ~1869
of Evesham, Worcestershire
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Personal Family World
22 Dec 1819
St Lawrence, Evesham, Worcestershire
29 Aug 1833
Marriage of sister Elizabeth DAY and Thomas DAY 
St Martin's, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
7 Feb 1838
Death of father John DAY 
Evesham, Worcestershire
Mar 1874
Death of mother Esther BROTHERTON 
Bewdley Street, Evesham, Worcestershire
6 Oct 1883
Death of sister Elizabeth DAY 
19 Vine Street, Evesham, Worcestershire
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Christening: 22 DEC 1819 St Lawrence, Evesham, Worcester, England

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Father: JOHN DAY

Mother: ESTHER

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2 - John Day 1838

1838 DEATHS in the District of Evesham in the County of Worcester & Gloucester

127 - Seventh of Feby 1838 Parish of All Saints Evesham - John Day - Male - 44 yrs - Millwright - Accidentally Drowned - Chas Best, Coroner, Bengeworth - [Registered] Sixteenth February 1838

3 - Worcester Journal
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FATAL EVENT. - On Wednesday last a man named John Day, of Evesham, attended a wood sale at Offenham, a village in the neighbourhood, and remained at the place of sale till it was quite dark, he afterwards called at another place or two in the village, and as his nearest way home was to cross the river Avon at a ferry, he called there after the person who attends to it was gone to bed, he however made himself heard, and wished to be rowed across, this however was objected to by the person who keeps the boat, on account of the danger occasioned by the quanttity of ice then in the river. Day however not heeding this admonition expressed his determination to row himself across and was heard to get into the boat for that purpose, since which he has not been seen or heard of : but the boat was found in the morning floated down the river as far as the ice would allow it to go, and near to it Day's hat and the boat shovel were found. Search has been made for the body but it has not yet been raised.

4 - Hereford Times
Citation image

Hereford Times 26 May 1838

On Monday evening , the 14th inst. the body of a man, in a frightful state of decomposition, was discovered floating on the Avon in the neighourhood of Evesham. On getting it out of the water it was recognised to be that of John Day, whose disappearance in Feburary last gave rise to sundry conjectures respecting his fate, the most probable of which appeared to be that he had been drowned in endeavouring to row across the river. Nothing having since occurred to invalidate that supposition, an inquest was held on the body before Mr. Best on the following day, when a verdict of "Found drowned" was returned. - Worcester Chronicle

5 - Esther Gould 1874

1874 DEATHS in the District of Evesham in the Counties of Gloucester & Worcester

38 - Twenty second March 1874, Bewdley Street, Evesham, Wor'shire - Esther Gould - Female - 83 years - Wife of James Gould, Formerly a Master Gardener - Decay of Gastrics, Certified - Susan Kinks present at the death, Bewdley Street Evesham - Twenty fourth March 1874

6 - Elizabeth Day 1883

Certified Copy of an Entry of Death

1883 Death in the Sub-District of Evesham in the Counties of Gloucester & Worcester

No - When and where died - Sex - Age - Occupation - Cause of death - Signature, description and residence of informant - When registered - Signature of registrar

21 - Sixth October 1883, 19 Vine Street Evesham Worshire USD - Elizabeth Day - Female - 69 years - Wife of Thomas Day a Millwright - Bronchitis 14 days Emphysema 3 years Certified by H.E.Haynes MRCS - F.E. Meddings Daughter present at the death, Holloway, London - Ninth October 1883 - Edward Wadams, Registrar

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